What is the purpose of a social bookmarking site?


Social bookmarking is a powerful tool to boost the google page ranking of your site or blog, so one must know the perfect use of social bookmarking for SEO. 

Such social bookmarking site provides the link of your site among the people and once they like or share your link, you will soon realize how useful it is.


Once a visitor reaches your blog, it will be going to effect your traffic. It will increase the traffic and in a short time, you will be able to target the huge audience by this strategy. You can gain good ranking in the search engine.

There are many blogs and to complete for the same, various methodologies are used somehow to reach the folk. For this bloggers make various efforts to make their blog ranking at the top. The main thing a blogger needs is to make a network for his audience. Thus nowadays the network is easy to maintain for a person now alone can generate this through social bookmarking.

It provides links from one person to another and sharing the page of your blog can link one person to another. Thus sharing gets involved in this and number of visitors increases on your site.